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History as Story

When I open a history book, I hear whispers. Women call to me from between the lines; they perch among the footnotes and cling grimly to the margins. Their hold is tenuous — an incautious shake of the book and I fear they'll tumble into the void, their stories forgotten forever.

My current writing project is a novel about Rebecca Boone. For nearly three hundred years, she's been little more than a footnote in the books written about her famous husband, Daniel Boone. The stories about her that have come down to us are largely rumors interwoven with a handful of glimpses from those who actually knew her. But once, she had words of her own.

Finalist, 2023 Weatherford Award

Longlisted, 2023 Crook's Corner Book Prize

Finalist, 2023 Clara Johnson Award for Women's Literature

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